2021 Conference Agenda

November 20

10:00 Opening Comments Logistics

10:30 Curriculum

11:00 Competition

11:30 Hardware and Software

12:00 Close

November 22

5:00 PM Elementary/Middle School Curriculum

6:00 PM After School Curriculum

7:00 PM Elementary/Middle School Curriculum

November 29

5:00 PM Elementary/Middle School Competitions

6:00 PM FAA Regulations and Safety

7:00 PM High School Competitions

December 6

5:00 PM Drone Hardware

6:00 PM Aerial Survey Software

7:00 PM Drone Software

*All times in Central Standard Time (CST)

*If you would be interested in hosting a Breakout Session or being part of a session panel please contact Ken Berry at DroneEd@smu.edu

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2021 Conference Info

To register please go to https://smu.nbsstore.net/drones-in-the-classroom-virtual-conference-registration-4 and fill in the registration fields. You will receive a confirmation email once the registration is completed.

This conference is for teachers, administrators, drone developers, curriculum developers, drone trainers, and students.

This will be the Third Drones in the Classroom Conference. You can see the presentations from the second Drones in the Classroom event at https://womenanddrones.com/drones-classroom-educators/ . This Conference is hosted by the Aerial Robotics in STEM Education (ARISE) organization.

We are working with LexGo to provide you with an interactive venue where attendees will be “sitting at tables” where they can discuss topics of mutual interest.

The tables will be arranged around affinity groups, or interest groups. There will be tables for elementary teachers, middle school teachers, high school teachers, teachers looking for curriculum, teachers looking for drone hardware and drone software, and teachers looking for drone competitions.

The Conference will be held over successive days. The conference will consist of short serial presentations starting on Saturday November 20th, then 3 successive Monday evenings after that.